Venue Policies


  • SMOKING/VAPING is not permitted anywhere in the Peabody Auditorium. Violation of this policy is grounds for ejection. Designated smoking areas are located outside the venue.
  • RE-ENTRY into the auditorium may be restricted at the discretion of the artist. For symphonies, Broadway touring shows, and other types of events, seating is permitted only between numbers or pieces.
  • AISLES should always be kept clear. For safety and courtesy to other patrons, please do not sit or stand in the aisles. Refusal to comply with this policy is subject to ejection.
  • CELL PHONES should be turned off or silenced when entering the auditorium. Patrons may use the lobby or Rose Room to engage in cell phone conversations during the performance.
  • ALCOHOL is available for purchase at most Peabody events. Outside alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • FOOD & BEVERAGE- The Peabody Auditorium has concession items such as chips, popcorn, candy, soda, beer, liquor and wine for purchase. Full meals are not served. Cash & Credit Cards are accepted. Outside food & beverage is prohibited.



To help provide a safe environment and expedited entry, the Peabody Auditorium recommends small bags, clutches or small clear bags, no large bags.  Special assistance, ADA and medical bags are subject to security screening at one of our security checkpoints. 


Restrictions on the use of still and video cameras vary by event. The event producer determines this policy. However, cameras with professional lenses, detachable lenses or detachable flashes are prohibited from the Peabody Auditorium. Use of video cameras, audio recording devices and digital cameras in video mode is strictly prohibited. The use of any of these items will result in confiscation and possible ejection from the facility. These are general rules and can be overridden based on a specific request from the event producer. Guests should contact the Peabody Auditorium staff at 386-671-3462 to find out the policy prior to the event.



For safety reasons, we ask that patrons avoid bringing in the following prohibited items, including but not limited to alcoholic beverages, vapes, illegal drugs, food, drinks, glass/plastic/metal containers, laser pens or lights, video cameras, audio recording devices, GoPros, Drones, selfie sticks, telephoto or zoom lenses, backpacks, coolers, knives, weapons of any type, unauthorized noise makers, glitter, confetti, streamers, balloons, or large bags of any kind. Patrons may be refused entry if they are in possession of any prohibited items.



Call the Box Office at 386-671-3472 or email the next business day for inquiries about any lost items.



For more information regarding our service animal policy, please visit our accessibility page. 

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