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For more information about volunteering at the Peabody Auditorium as an usher, contact:

Kelsey Greene
Assistant Venues Manager



Anyone 18 years of age or older with good customer service skills and a professional appearance.



Each applicant must complete the volunteer application for ushering. (Click here for Volunteer Application). Volunteers may choose which events they would like to volunteer for if there are spaces available. Each month you will get an email with a list of all the events for the following month. You will respond to that email with the shows you are able/ want to usher for (we encourage all volunteers to help out on most performances if your schedule permits!). Then a week after that you will start to receive individual show emails with who has been scheduled to work each show. This is a first come first serve basis, you are not guaranteed to be scheduled for everything you sign up for. If you have asked to usher a show and don’t make it on the schedule you are added to a waitlist, therefore if we have ushers cancel we start asking people on the waitlist if they are still interested in ushering for that show. If an event is full or canceled, management will let you know. The first event or two you will be assigned with a veteran usher until you are comfortable with your duties. All ushers are trained based on a hands-on approach.

There is an annual usher meeting and orientation each September, this is not mandatory but recommended.



Volunteering at the Peabody Auditorium is a privilege. Volunteer ushers are expected to understand the seating arrangements, wear the appropriate attire, be able to take patrons to their (reserved) seats, stand and climb steps, understand the run times of the shows, be able to direct people to the restrooms and concessions, and help prepare programs for events. Qualified ushers will take or scan tickets and direct patrons.

It is important that you show up by your call time, which is generally 2 hours before the event actually starts.  Ushers coming in later than the assigned call time could be sent home at the discretion of the management. Each volunteer usher should be capable of standing until each show begins and for sold out shows will be required to stand until released from duty. Usher cell phone use is not permitted on duty. 



Most ushers stay through the duration of the performance but are usually released from duty after the intermission ends and the doors have been closed for the main act.



The purpose of a dress code is to ensure that our usher staff is both professionally and distinctively dressed. It is important that our patrons can easily identify a theater representative. Volunteers not properly attired will not be permitted to work.

Women are required to wear black slacks with WHITE blouses or shirts with a closed collar. Blazers must be black. Black, closed-toe shoes are required. Cross ties and name tags will be provided.

Men are required to wear black slacks with white collared shirts. Blazers must be black. Black shoes are required. Bowties and name tags will be provided.

Everyone should wear the provided Peabody Auditorium volunteer usher badge on the blazer, and carry a small flashlight. Bring your own flashlight and always keep it downward, not in people’s faces or behind your back. It’s critical to have a good flashlight to illuminate steps in the balcony, look at tickets and show patrons to their seats. Please light the stairs for people going down the stairs in the balcony so we can help eliminate falls.



Ushers should use the parking lot on the corner of Wild Olive and Main Street. If different arrangements have been made for certain shows, you will be notified and given directions to alternative parking.