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Technical Info


Venue Manager: Chad Smith

Peabody and Oceanfront Bandshell
Phone: 386-671-3461

Stage & Technical Manager 
          Sunco Productions Representative
          Don Steadman
          Phone: (386) 547-7113




Tech Specs PDFs:



Lighting System:



10 ETC source four led series 2 lustr (EDISON)

10 ETC source four 19° ellipsoidals  with 750 watt lamp (STAGE PIN)

8 ETC source four 15° to 30° zoom with 750 watt lamp (STAGE PIN)


54 PAR 64 wide len 1000 watt lamp (STAGE PIN)

21 ETC source four 26° ellipsoidals with 750 watt lamp (STAGE PIN)

12 ETC source Four 36° ellipsoidals with 750 watt  lamp (STAGE PIN)

6  3 CELL Cyc lights with 1000 watt lamp (STAGE PIN)

4 MARTIN mac quantum profile (EDISON) available  for additional cost

Note: Stage pin connector 3 pin 20amp (hot, neutral and ground)





2 Xenon Strong  Super trouper follow spots with 1600 watt lamp


DMX 512  5 pin

SL Universe 1 Universe 2 Universe 3 to BOOTH

SR Universe 1 Universe 2 to BOOTH

2 Dmx lines from FOH COVE to SR

1 Portable foh snake from stage to under balcony  mix position with

1 5pin dmx line & 2 3pin com lines

Note: All house fixtures are on Universe 1 


SL 1 RJ45 network port to booth

SR 2 RJ45 network ports to booth

Etc response 4 port  gateway  portable

1 dmx in &  3 dmx out



Etc ion xe  2048 addresses

Etc fader wing 20 sliders submasters or cue stacks

1 Lenovo ThinkPad with  2 ETC gadgets and product key to enable use as a primary or  backup console

2 EOS touchscreen  monitors

2 House light controllers 1 Down Stage Left and 1 in Booth


28 stage pin dimmers in foh cove

6 edison non dim circuits  in foh cove

8 stage pin dimmers house left box boom

8 stage pin dimmers house right box boom

40 stage pin dimmers  first electric

30 stage pin dimmers second electric

30 stage pin dimmers third electric

9 stage pin dimmers fourth electric


SR COLORTRAN i96 dimmer rack

SR COLORTRAN i24 dimmer rack(14 dimmers for orchestra  shell)


2 COMPANY DROPS 400 AMPS 3 PHASE each 120 / 208 VOLT AC

with cam lock connectors

SR Power distro with 15 20amp circuit

2 BUS power connections 50 AMPS each 125 / 250 VOLT AC

with NEMA 14-50 plug located by loading dock

3   20 Amp 120 VOLT AC circuits at under balcony mix position


Peabody Standard House System:

5x EV XLD281 3 Way Line Array Element (mono overhead center cluster)

2x EV XS212 Subs (overhead center cluster)

4x EV XI1082 Front Fills

2x EV XSUBS Floor Subs

5x EV P3000RL PA Power Amplifiers

2x JBL 905 Monitors

2x EV Eliminator Monitors

2x Crown MA-1200 Power Amplifiers

1x Soundcraft GB4 32 Channel Analog Mixing Console (front of balcony position)

28 stage microphone sends to balcony mix position (7 each corner of stage)

1x Lexicon MX400XLV Signal Processor/Effects

2x DBX 166XL Compressor/Limiter/Gate

3x DBX 231 Dual Graphic Equalizers


Peabody JBL Sound System Specs:

New JBL VTX A8 Sound System and Yamaha Consoles installed May of 2020

Dante Network and analog snake options both available.


Main PA:

12 Boxes per side (24 total) JBL VTX A8 Dual 8” Line Array with 110* Horizontal Coverage

4 Boxes per side (8 total) JBL VTX B18 18” Subwoofers

2 Crown VRacks (6x iTech 4x3500 Amps)

dbx Driverack360 System Controller



6x JBL VTX F12 Bi-amped Monitors

6x JBL VTX F15 Bi-amped Monitors

2x Crown VRacks (6x iTech 4x3500 Amps)


FOH Console:

Yamaha CL5-32 + 2 master faders, 72 mono channel mixing plus 8 stereo channels


Monitor Console:

Yamaha QL5 64-channel QL Series Digital Mixer


AD/DA I/0 Racks/Dante Network:

2x Yamaha Rio3224d2 32x16 Dante Stage Boxes

4x Yamaha SWP Dante Switches

2x Wireless Access Points



1x Whirlwind 48x10 Splitter Snake. 250’ Trunk for FOH and 25’ Trunk for Monitors

2x CM 1 ton Motors

1x Power Distribution, cabling for main PA only

2x Furman M-8Dx 15A 8+1 Power Conditioner

1x Furman AC-215A 2-Outlet Power Conditioner



8x Shure SM 58

8x Shure SM 57

8x Shure SM 81

4x Shure Beta 58A

4x Shure Beta 57A

1x Shure Beta 91A

1x Shure Beta 52A

5x Shure Beta 98AD/C

2x Shure KSM137

2x Shure KSM141

4x Shure KSM32/CG

1x Shure KSM9HS


2x Sennheiser e906 Supercardoid Guitar Microphone

4x Sennheiser MD421-II Cardoid Dynamic Microphone

2x e845 Supercardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

2x AKG C480B Combo Reference Modular Condenser Microphone

1x AKG D112 MKII Dynamic Bass Microphone

4x AKG GN 155 Gooseneck Stand with CK31 Capsules for Choir

4x Crown PCC 160 Floor Microphones


Wireless Microphone System:

2x Shure ULXD1 Quad Receiver

1x Shure PA805SWB Passive Directional Antenna

4x Shure ULXD2/B58=-G50 Digital Beta 58A Wireless Mic-G50 470-534MHz

4x Shure ULXD2/SM58=-G50 Digital SM58 Wireless Mic-G50 470-534MHz

2x Shure ULXD1 Bodypack Transmitter

2x Shure WA302 1/4 Instrument to TA4F Cable

2x Countryman WCE6T Over-Ear Microphone


Direct Boxes:

4x Radial ProDI Direct Box

4x Radial ProD2 2 channel Direct Box

2x Radial J48 active Direct Box

2x Radial ProAV2 AV Direct Box

2x Electro-Harmonix Hum Debugger Guitar Hum Eliminator Pedal

2x ISP Decimator IIShure PA805SWB Guitar Noise Reduction Pedal

4x Whirlwind ISOXL XLR Line Level Isolation Transformer

2x Whirlwind IMP Pad IMP20 20dB XLR Attenuator


The Peabody possesses a full complement of stage boxes, cables, and stands.


Production Communication:

Telex intercom system at SMP to:

  • 2)Flyrail,
  • 1)DSR,
  • 1)Lighting console,
  • 2)Spotlights,
  • 1)Sound mix,
  • 1)Front Office,
  • 1)Box Office,
  • 1)DSL aux and
  • 1)Backstage Production Office; bal/unbal adapter to
  • 8)beltpaks,
  • 6)headsets,
  • 1)biscuit and
  • 2)handsets

TOA mixer amp #1 at SMP to Lobby w/chime, House monitor mic, and SMP announce

TOA mixer amp #2 at SMP to dressing rooms, Lighting booth with spots, Backstage production office and Atlantic room backstage

SMP Audio Mixer: Alesis 12R 8 + 2 Stereo Ins; mic lines from stage boxes (3 per corner of stage) w/feeds to main amp rack

Projection Equipment:

Epson Powerlite 990U

Stumpfl Monoblox 16' x 9' Front & Rear Screen

Stage Drapes:

Black Velor; four sets legs 28’’ four borders 10x60, two fill stage travelers 28’, one 30x60 Rosco “Cyc Screen” (white), maroon main curtain (lineset #2), Fire curtain (lineset #1) (maroon valance hung from same)



Stage Counterweight System:

  • Single purchase 8: O.C. Tee track, 8’ arbors
  • Operates from stage left at deck level, 2 bridges
  • 35 total linesets

Grid Height: 51’ high trim out 44’0”

Orchestra Riser: Wenger 4’ x 8’ folding type:
     Five 8” high
     Seven 16” high
     Nine 24” high
     100 stacking padded chairs
     100 Wenger music stands
     100 stand lights
     3 30” padded stools
     1 4’ x 4’ conductor podium

Orchestra Shell: Wenger full stage enclosure; 10 walls and 4 ceiling pieces, built-in overhead fixtures distribute 18k quartz lighting, 3 entrance door sets per side

Orchestra Pit Cover: Manual 9’ x 47’

Pianos: 9-foot Yamaha CFIIIs Concert Grand

Stage Power:
     One 400 amp three-phase for lighting

     One 400 amp three-phase for sound

Stage Dimension:

          Height 22'0"
          Width 47'0"
     Stagehouse: Width 82'0"
          Depth 35'0" 
          Apron 3'3"

Loading Dock: Upstage right rear wall through 9'x 14' rollup door
at stage floor level; covered 12'x 15' dock @ 14"
above rear parking lot level



Dressing Rooms:

Two star and Green Room offstage left at stage level, Three chorus and two smaller off stage left and 1 flight up

Washer and Dryer and 3-bin sink for hand washables are available for production use.

Adequate parking for production vehicles is available.

Additional Rooms

     (Atlantic floorplan 1
    (Altantic floorplan 2)


Peabody Auditorium Lineset Schedule

Lineset # Use Distance

Upstage edge of proscenium opening 00'0"

00 Fire curtain/main valance 00'6"
01 Main Curtain 01'4"
02 #1 Electric (permanently wired) 02'4"
03 Open lineset 03'4"
04 #1 Orchestra shell ceiling (permanent) 04'6"
05 Open lineset 06'6"
06 Legs or open lineset 07'10"
07 Border or Open linset 09'8"
08 Mid-stage black traveller (permanent) 10'3"
09 Open lineset or projection screen 10'8"
10 Open lineset 11'6"
11 #2 Orchestra shell ceiling (permanent) 12'4"
12 Border or open lineset 13'3"
13 Legs or open lineset 14'0"
14 #2 Electric 15'2"
15 Open lineset 15'10"
16 Open lineset 17'2"
17 Open lineset 17'6"
18 Open lineset 17'11"
19 Open lineset 18'7"
20 Open lineset 19'2"
21 #3 Orchestra shell ceiling (permanent) 20'0"
22 Border or open lineset 21'2"
23 Legs or Open Lineset 22'4"
24 #3 Electric 23'3"
25 Cyc Lights 23'9"
26 Open lineset 24'2"
27 Open lineset 25'2"
28 Legs or open lineset 26'2"
29 #4 Orchestra shell ceiling (permanent) 27'4"
30 Open lineset 29'0"
31 Border or open lineset 29'8"
32 Open lineset 30'4"
33 Open lineset 31'2"
34 Upstage Black traveller 32'4"
35 Cyc or open lineset 32'10"

  • All pipes fly out to 44' above stage deck
  • Proscenium arch opening: 47'0" & 22'0" high
  • Stage apron edge to rear wall: 38'
  • Centerline to SL locking rail: 38'
  • Centerline to SR wall: 40'