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The following is a list of rules and regulations regarding rental of Peabody Auditorium:

1. DEPOSITS: A deposit of $500 or whichever is higher of the rent must be paid to hold any date at the auditorium. No date will be held without a deposit. This deposit is not refundable. Make remittance payable to The City of Daytona Beach, Cultural Services Department, in cash, check, money order or cc payment and submit it with a rental application.

2. RENTAL PAYMENTS: Balance of minimum rental and all estimated charges are due 72 hours in advance of the event, unless ticket sales are being handled by the Peabody Box office and ticket sales equal or exceed the amount owed. No payment will be accepted unless it is in cash, check, or money order. Make this remittance payable to The City of Daytona Beach, Cultural Services Department.

3. SECURITY: Fire/EMT officers and security personnel are required during all events at the Peabody Auditorium. The required staffing is based on estimated attendance and will be determined by the Peabody Auditorium Manager. The only exceptions would be small, private events which may not require this personnel. The Peabody Manager will make all arrangements and the charges will appear on the contract, permit or final settlement.

4. STAGEHANDS: Sunco Productions representative Don Steadman is the appointed Technical Director for the Peabody Auditorium. He has full and complete charge of the stage at all times. All events shall employ as many stagehands as deemed necessary by the Tech Director to set up stage, perform event and break down stage. He will arrange for the necessary stagehands. As the promoter or sponsor of the event, you will be responsible for compensating him for his services, as well as for stagehands. There is an additional 25% of the total charges for the payroll company, which includes liability insurance, workman’s compensation, and payroll charges. Mr. Steadman’s number is 386-671-3464 or cell number 386-547-7113.

5. BOX OFFICE: The Peabody Box office is a TicketMaster Box Office. Ticket Fees for the promoter/ presenter are as follows:

  • Setup Fee $100.00 per show
  • Per ticket print fee .15 per ticket
  • Credit Card Charge Fee 4%
  • Seat Surcharge $2.00 per ticket sold
  • Extended Ticket Sales Hours: $184 night of show staff

There is an Admissions tax of 6.5% of gross ticket sales in the State of Florida. We are obligated to collect this from the Lessee unless a valid Florida State Sales Tax ID# in the Lessee's name is presented.

6. USHERS: The Peabody Auditorium will supply ushers if and when needed.

7. PUBLICITY: Those who rent the auditorium must handle their own publicity. Press releases may be emailed to Chad Smith or Emilie Smart for distribution to the Peabody press list.

8. MERCHANDISE CONCESSIONS: All merchandise concession rights and privileges are reserved to the Auditorium. Permission to sell items in the auditorium must be obtained from the Auditorium Manager. Venue sales commission is 20% overall and the venue does not provide sellers. The renter or lessee is responsible for paying the Florida State Sales Tax, currently 6.5%.

9. LIABILITY INSURANCE: It is necessary that each Lessee of the auditorium secures his own Workers Compensation and Comprehensive General Liability Insurance and names the City of Daytona Beach and Sunco Productions as additional insured on the policy. Liability limits range from a combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage of no less than $500,000 to $2,000,000 if the events are determined by the City’s Risk Manager to be ultrahazardous.

If you have questions regarding the insurance requirement, please contact the City of Daytona Beach Risk Management office. The office number is 386-671-8231.

10. COPYRIGHT MATERIAL: In accordance with the Federal Copyright Law of 1978, each Lessee is responsible for copyright insurance.

11. PIANO TUNING: The fee to use either of the Peabody house grand pianos is $200.00 which does not  include a pre-show tuning. Currently, the Peabody has in-house a 9 ½ foot Model D Steinway Concert Grand and a 9 foot Yamaha CFIIIs Concert Grand.

12. REHEARSAL: With all-day rental, rehearsal time is included for the same day. Rehearsal time any other day is at the rate of $160.00 per hour and only when stagehands present.

13. COMP TICKETS: The use of advance ticket sales monies for any purpose prior to show time is prohibited. All complimentary tickets must be stamped as such. The City of Daytona requires 24 complimentary tickets per contract, from seats in Orchestra Sections 2 or 3, preferably Row G.

14. MORE THAN ONE SHOW: Only one show per-four-hour period of rental is allowed, both for crowd control and clean-up.

15. SMOKING: Smoking is not allowed in any public building in the state of Florida.

16. FOOD AND ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE SALES: The Auditorium has the exclusive rights for food & beverage sales. All arrangements for alcoholic beverages must be made through the Peabody Auditorium Theater Manager. By regulation of the State of Florida, Division of Alcohol Beverage Control Board, no alcohol of any type may be brought upon the premises to be used, consumed, sold, promoted, or served therein except by the licensed liquor permit holder.

17. CANCELLATION: Cancellation of any show must be made within 30 days of show date. Otherwise, no rental refund will be made. Initial deposits are non-refundable.

18. SEAT SURCHARGE: The seat surcharge shall apply to all usage of Peabody Auditorium with any paid admission. This fee is in addition to the rental. Presently the fee is $2.00 per ticket.

19. RESERVED SEATS: It is required that all events at the Peabody Auditorium be by reserved seating. Seating diagrams are available for your use.

20. FEES: The following fees shall apply for most events at Peabody Auditorium:

  • Uniform Police $40.00/hr per man
  • Private security/t-shirt security $19.00/hr per man
  • Fire/EMT services $40.00/hr per man
  • Box Office Fees see #5 above
  • Front of House $300/night
  • Custodian $110.00
  • Clean-up Fee $575.00
  • Banquet room setup $150.00
  • Concert Grand Piano $200.00
  • Piano Tuning $165.00 per tuning
  • Super Trouper Follow Spot 
    (Not including operator) $75.00 each
  • Phone Lines (where available) $50.00 each
  • Orchestra Shell $300.00 per event
  • Banquet tablecloths $5.00 each
  • Table skirts $20.00 each
  • Electric hookup/disconnect $150.00
  • Internet access see Theater Manager
  • Stagehand Fees see Conditions/Working Wage Agreement
  • Rental of Theater see Rental Schedule
  • Rental of Banquet Rooms $500.00 per room