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Conditions/Working Wage Agreement

1. There shall be a four (4) hour minimum call on all original calls. (In/Performance/Out). Rehearsals shall be at hourly rate.

2. The show shall be a four (4) hour minimum call. Times the rate of his or her pay.

3. Overtime shall apply if employee works over eight (8) hours on any of the separate calls, or between the hours of 12 am and 7 am. Overtime shall consist of one and one-half (1-1/2) times the employee’s rate.

4. COMMERCIAL RATES: Commercial rates apply. Contact Don Steadman (386) 547-7113 OR (386) 671-3464.

5. MEALS: A worker shall receive an unpaid meal period of one (1) hour to begin after the end of the fourth (4th) hour and prior to the start of the sixth (6th) hour.

In the event that any workers are not permitted an unpaid meal period of one (1) hour duration, the company, in lieu of any penalty provision and at its sole option, may provide a meal at their expense for the workers during a one half (1/2) hour meal break. In the event that any workers are not permitted any meal period, the company shall pay such worker the prevailing hourly rate plus one half (1/2) hour straight time per hour as a meal penalty. The meal penalty shall continue until such workers are given a meal period.

6. The company shall be solely responsible for determining the rest and meal schedule for each worker. The Technical Director or Lead will make a reasonable effort to notify the company supervisor in the event of any pending meal or rest period penalty.

7. HOLIDAY WORK: A worker shall be paid time and one half his or her basic hourly rate for all work performed on the following legal holidays; as observed by the Federal Government:


8. PAYROLL COMPANY: The payroll company for SUNCO PRODUCTIONS, is WorkLife HR twenty five per-cent (25%) shall be added to the gross wages for their services. This includes Liability/Workman Compensation and payroll services for the employees.

Administration Fee shall be 15%.

All payroll checks are to be made out to:


P.O. Box 289
Daytona Beach, Florida 32115

9. All payroll settlements are done prior to show intermission.

10. The wage increase for each year shall be as follows:

Effective 1/01/16 - N/A
Effective 1/01/17 - $1.00 hr.
Effective 1/01/18 - $1.00 hr.
Effective 1/01/19 - $1.00 hr.
Effective 1/01/20 - $1.00 hr.
Effective 1/01/21 - $1.00 hr.

Working Wage Agreement for Stage Productions, Concerts, Graduations,
Ice Shows, Dance Companies, or Any Other Stage Productions Involving
Stagehands or Technicians for Services Rendered.

For Peabody Auditorium • Daytona Beach, Florida

Referrals of workers under the Agreement will be from SUNCO PRODUCTION, INC. call list. The parties agree that the referral of workers shall be on a non-discriminatory basis without regard to race, sex, age, national origin.

Rates & Conditions - Effective 1/01/16 - 12/31/21

Job Classification & Hourly Rate

      • Tech. Director or Lead $22.50
      • Head Electrician $21.50
      • Head Audio $21.50
      • Head Carpenter $21.50
      • Head Props $21.50
      • Wardrobe $21.50
      • Riggers (Up/Down Certified) $23.50
      • Stagehands $20.50
      • Spot Operators $20.50
      • Fork Lift Operators (Certified) $20.50
      • Truck Loaders $20.50
      • Runner (Car Provided) $17.50
  1. Rate Adjustments
    1. Rates will be subject to a four-hour minimum on all the original calls (In/Performance/Out). The four-hour minimum applies to performance but not rehearsals. 
    2. Overtime Rates of 1.5 times the general rate apply for (i) personnal who work over eight hours on any of the separate call (ii) Personnel who work between the hours of 12am and 7am.
    3. Holiday Pay equal 1.5 times the general rate listed will apply for work performed on the following legal holidays: New Years Day, Independence Day, Easter, Martin Luther King Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

Click here for Conditions/Working Wage Agreement in PDF format

For more information, please contact Sunco Productions representative Don Steadman, Technical Director at (386) 671-3464 or (386) 547-7113.