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Staff Directory

Patron Services:
Phone: 386-671-3462


Entertainment Venues Staff


Operations Manager: C.J. Walls

Phone: 386-671-8273


Assistant Venues Manager: Kelsey Greene

Phone: 386-671-3469


Bandshell and Oceanfront Park Booking Specialist: Terri Montgomery

Phone: 386-671-8253


Box Office Manager:  Kevin Doherty

Phone: 386-671-3471


Box Office Coordinator/Group Sales Manager: Emilie Smart

Phone: 386-671-3462


Venue Maintenance: Devin Delarosa


Assistant Food & Beverage Manager: Ingrid Laas

Phone: 386-671-8251


Production: Technical Director/Stage Manager: Don Steadman

Phone: 386-671-3464


Accounting/Finance: Valerie Burks

Phone: 386-671-8254


Venues Manager: Chad Smith

Peabody and Oceanfront Bandshell

Phone: 386-671-3460


The Peabody Foundation


Executive Director of The Peabody Foundation: Kathy Berman
Phone: 386-631-1974
Fax: 386-671-3959