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Current Donors

The Peabody Auditorium Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generous individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies whose support has made this season possible. This list includes gifts with accumulated totals of $50 and above received January 1, 2014 to October 12, 2015. 



The City of Daytona Beach

Volusia ECHO

Yamaha Corporation of America



Bank of America

Bright House Networks

Daytona Beach Racing and Recreational Facilities Commission




Glenn and Connie Ritchey



Lloyd Bowers and Chris Wickersham

Martin Cone

Daytona Beach Golf Club

Richard H. and Mary A. Heist

Dr. Loretta and Michael Kahn

Blair Kirkby

Ocean Walk Shoppes

Wickersham and Bowers

Theodore E. and Margaret Yaeger




Daytona Auto Mall

Teresa Doan, D.O.A.N. Management

Kessler Creative


Lawrence W. Borns, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Hyatt Brown

Consolidated-Tomoka Land Co.

Mary Lou Deeley

Mary Carole Ducharme

Lesa and Ben Kennedy

Brian Layman, Raymond James & Associates, Inc.

Carl Lentz

Diane Lessard

Molly O’Neill

Dr. Jeff  Parks, Parks Dermatology

Tim Roberts

Gene and Diane Rogers

Ian and Tina Ross Foundation

Bill and Jill Stephens

Daniel and Jenny Webster



Roberta J. Anderson

Bahama House

Dr. James and Eleanor Bannerman

Catherine Bauerle

Donald and Terry Bertch

Stanley and Alice Brittingham

Dr. James and Tara Bryan

Richard and Della Burr, Burr Potato Company

Reid and Lynn Conrad

Paul and Janet Damiano

Mr. and Mrs. Michael  DiFranco

Dr. and Mrs. Victor Doig

Julius and Becky Erlenbach

Dr. and Mrs. Thurman Gillespy, Jr.

Buzzy and Barbara Glickstein

Rudolph Habermann, Jr.

Warren and MaryAnn Hoffner

John and Margaret Jackim

Thomas & Elvita Jones

Cherie Keemar

Warren and Prudie Kerry

Leonard and Lynn Lempel

J.J. and Mary Martin

Thomas and Mary McNally

Lenny and Pat Ohlsson

Mahyar and Shirley Okhovatian

John and Sharon Phelps

William T. and Kathryn Preston

David and Karen Schulz

Ron and Evelyn Shapiro

Jill Simpkins

Mary Ann Singer

Dr. Alan and Marcy Spertus, Tomoka Eye Associates

Fred Treadway

Robert and Sarah Ulis

Weekly and Arganbright

Jack and Commissioner Kelly White

Jack and Yvonne Wood



Deborah Aarseth

Jay Adams

Craig and Fawn Albright

James Alex and

Charlene Worlak

Joie Alexander

Ken Allen

Susan Alsdorf

Derrick and Anne Ames

Joseph and Barbara Anderson

Traci Anderson

Barbara Anthony

Dr. Robert and

     Sharyn Arfstrom

Nancy L. Argo

Theresa Arit

Bruce Babbitt

Debra Bailey

Cathy Bair

Tom and Patsy Barnes

Elizabeth Barr

Matthew Barrett

Howie Barte

Dale Batten

Catherine Bauerle

Susan Bayley and Carl Dean

Diana Bell

Barbara Benedict

Kevin and Jeanni Berg

Bonnie Berns

William and Sandra Bethune

Jeffrey and Karin Bigman

Luann Biscotti

Fred Bondesen

Alice Bowman

Donald D. Boyd

Debra Brandt

Norris and Carol Brewer

Vicky Brigandi

Christopher Brown

Mark Budiansky

Rory Burdine

James and Karen Burkhalter

Dorian Burt

W. Thomas and Kathy Butler

Nelson and Heidi Cambata

Joseph and Susan Cappetta

Robert and Janet Carlsen

Gail Carr

Joseph and Jacinta M. Cervone

W.M. and Muffi Chanfrau

Wayne and Brenda J. Chaplin

Gary Cicchinelli

Joe and Teresa Clark

Lance and Victoria Clark

Steve and Susan Clark

Robert and Phyllis Collins

Luther and Donna Conant

Lynn Cooper

Maryann Corley

Frank and Janice Cozze

Janet Crane

Daniel and Carolyn Cregan

William and Beverly Cross

Antonia Cruz

Cheryl Daley

Barbara Dallway

Marc Davidson

Stephan Davidson

Susan Davidson

Drake Davis and Elaine


Wyatt Davis

Daytona Hyundai

Don and Terri Deal

Pat and Amy DeMeo

Caroline Dibble

Gary and Christina Dickson

Mr. and Mrs. Skip Diegel

Katrina Dill

Barry and Melody Dimick

Paul and Ann Dinneen

Dino Dodani

Joe and Sue Doinno

Dr. Stuart and

     Barbara Doliner

Robert Dorsey

Marilyn M. Doster

Ken and Cheryl Dougherty

Geoffrey and Michelle Dove

Arnold and Patricia Drago

Mary Duckett

Sue Duckett

Jason and Courtney Dunham

Barbara Durbon

Joan Elie and Robert Shatz

Jaquelin Ellinger

Gordon Emery

Robert English

Stephen and Elizabeth Ente

David Evans

Joe Evans

Robert F. Evans

Carl and Melanie Farley

Bernice B. Faust

Ruth Ann Fay

Ron Feb and Karen Shope

Debra Feeney

Patricia Felder

Michelle Fink

Bruce Flynn

Tony and Starr Ford

Henry and Lila Fox

Arthur and Bonnie Friedman

Diana Friedman

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gaines

Bonda Garrison

Linda Gelow

Ken and Annette Glinter

Len Goffredo

Barbara Golan

Linda Goodspeed-Smith and

     Floyd Smith

Travis Gordon

Rose Grace and Steven


John and Mary Le Grand

William and Terry Green

Bobbi Griffin

Gerald and Mary Ann Grooms

Halifax Lodge No. 81 & A.M.

Doug and Nancy Hall

Nanlouise Harcourt

Robert Harris

Christopher Harshaw

William and Donna Hasher

Kirby and Kathleen Haws

Dr. Jeff and Alicia Heller

Paula Hendricks

Mayor Derrick Henry

Commissioner Patrick Henry

William and Betsy Hickey

Timothy and Elizabeth


Judith Hinkle

Raymond Hirst

David and Bonnie Hobbs

Eric and Natalie Hochstetler

Syd and Betty Hodkinson

David Holland,

     Holland Financial

Marvin and Nancy Horwitz

Joel Hunter

Janet Inscoe

Paul and Barbara Jacob

Gwendolyn Jackson

Robert and Elizabeth

     Jackson, Jr.

Joan E. Jacobsen

Jill Jaquet

Jeanne Jeffs

John and Janice Jenkins

Francis and Barbara Jennings

EB Johnson

Steve and Renee Johnson

Robert and Myra Jones

Greg Justice

Arnold and Jean Kaplan

Frank and Jalena Kaveney

Gerald and Shirely Kein

Ron and Pam Kelly

John Kemp

Eileen Kiser

Dave Kissock

Michael Kohen, MD

Rick Kolodinsky

James Kotas

JoAnn Kreller

Suzanne Kridner and

     Jim Wymes

Ronald and Elizabeth Krochak

Cliff and Vera Krukemeier

Walter Kuhrt

Ronald and Sheila Lamell,

     Lamell Lumber Corp.

Donna Lampe

Brian Lamy

Ben and Donna Langdon

Scott Larson

Gary and Jean Lashley

Jeanne M. Lengyel

David Lenholt

Roger and Marilyn F. Leverton

Marvin Lewis

Nancy Lewis

Richard and Mildred Lewis

Sharon Liehr

Timothy Long

Bill and Marilyn Long

Lucy B. Luhmann

John Lyon

Ian B. Mackenzie

Lawrence Maggard

Michael Main

Charles D. Malloch and Ginny


Robert Malony

Charles and Betty Mancherian

Gary and Pamela Mann

Valerie Maresh

Kenneth and Trisha Margeson

Ruth Marquez

Drew Martin

Dr. Gilbert Martin

Annette Martinson

Dr. and Mrs. Richard


Anne Maze

Gary McCarthy

Dave McDonald

Edward and Mindy McDowell

Jack McEligot

John and Kathleen McFall

Jennifer McIntosh

Larry McKee

Kevin McLain

Barry Melnick

Paul and Linda Mescher

Cynthia Meyer and

     Carl Carlman

Thomas and Gloria Millen

Kane and Terry Miller

Lucille A. Miller

Sue Miller

Reginald E. and

     Gwendolyn Moore

Tom and Barbara Moore

Jim and Helen Moseley

Nick and Lois Mrdjenovich

Dr. Earnest W. Murphy, Jr.

Fred Nelson

Henri R. and Jean Nolin

Barbara Norris

Jim Notman

Robert Nowak

Gary Ochsenhirt

Sallie O’Donnell

John and JoAnna Olgren

John and Kathleen Olivero

Kevin O’Rourke

Jim and Ellen O’Shaughnessy

Allan and Ann Osowski

Penny Pajak and John Croote

Robert and Mary Parker

Kenneth and Kathryn Parsons

James Pascarelli

Dino and Christine Paspalakis

Peter and Dolores Peck

Jeanette Pels

Wayne and Peggy Pendergrass

Don and Lynda Perlow

Stewart and Evelyn Pinsof

Patricia Plant

Raymond and Carol

Lively Platig

Steven Popok

Adrian and Faye Portway

Howard Pranikoff

David and Leslie Ramshaw

Terry and Lori Ream

Commissioner Paul Reed

William and Genie Rehrmann

Yolando Reilly

Virginia Renzi Minutolo

Armando and Maureen Reyes

Robert Reynolds, II

Rand Rhodes

Eugene E. and Usha Rhodes

Richard Ricci

Larry and Kris Richard,

     American Fundraising


Stacy Riddle-Coolidge

Shane and Kelly Riggle

Joan Rintelmann

John and Gail Roberts

Hillary “Dill” Robertson

Michael and Lynne Robinett

Stan and Ann Rodefeld

Daniel and Karen Roeder

Cheryl Roman

Gerald and Judith Rosky

Anthony and Karen Russo

Barry Rutherford

Charles Rutty

Michael Ryan and Kaye Boyer

Glenn and Sherry Ryan

William and Joann Ryder

Rick and Cathy Safarik

Wanda Sander

Bill and Lois Sands

Ed and Jean Sankowski

Margaret A. Savage

Larry and Sharon Schaefer

Steven Schaefer

Bill and Pat Schafer

Glenn and Susan


Donald T. Schweitzer

Frank W. Scott

Robert and Marion Sears

Tim and Christa Seibert

Drs. Stephen A. and

     Gina Sevigny

H. Gunter and Emily Seydel

Gerry and Beverly Shakley

Neil Shannon and Sandy Beal

JD and Cynthia Sharp

John E.Sichler

Debbie Sigal

Dr. Scott and Karan Silas

Jane M. Simpson

Edwin and Sally Siroy

Chad Smith

Floyd Smith and Linda  


Glenn P. Smith

Rick and Janet Skipper

Dennis Sobeck

June Solomon

Susanne Speare

Bill and Kathy Spute

Laura L. Stapleton

Eva Stefanszky

Judith Stein

Jerry Strain

Pamela Strama

Michael Strauss

Ronald and Donna Stroud

Bradford Tallman

Diane Tartaglia

Michael and Paula Taylor

Sherman and Sue Taylor

John and Dian Thomas

Maggie Thompson

Mary Jane Thompson

James D. Tisony

Larry and Carolyn L. Topham

Angelo C. and

     Katherine Tompros

Robert Troup

Bob and Barbara Underwood

Paul and Sheila Vandevelde

Eleanor Vantassel

Sondra Wafler

Edward and Teresa Walsh

Mike and Sue Walsh

Marta Weisberg

Russell G. and Carrie Welsh

Alfred J. Werdann, Jr.

Paul and Helen Wert

John W. and Susan R. Whitby

Arthur and Tana Lee White

Terrence White, Upchurch 

     Watson White & Max

Ron and Catherine


Wholesale Lighting, Inc.

John and Janice Williams

Jerry Wise, ALCH

Denise Wisely

Charles and Jeaneen Witt

Brian Wood

Matthew and Pamela Woods

Lola Yellen

Sandy Young

Thomas and Nancy Young

Annmarie Zaffuto



We apologize for any errors or omissions. For information on membership and sponsorship opportunities, please contact The Peabody Auditorium Foundation, Inc. at 386-631-1974.